Homemade K-9 Granola Treats

Pet Product Review – Homemade Granola Treats by The Original K-9 Granola Factory

By Guest Blogger: Jocelyn



How could any pup resist these oh so tempting granola treats?


Khan and Lucia’s owner, Jocelyn, says, “I love the look and the smell of these absolutely adorable, yet healthy dog treats. These treats, made with rolled oats and honey were a huge hit in our house. We saw them at a little pet shop and just had to buy them. The sign at the store said homemade granola treats, yummy for dogs (and people too)! You know, they were right, the kids took a bite before sharing with the dogs and they wanted to go back and buy one for themselves!” Price: $1.75


You can visit http://www.k-9granolafactory.com/index.php to find all kinds of deliciouscanine treats!

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