LeBistro® Electronic Portion Control Feeder by Petmate

Pet Product Review – LeBistro® Electronic Portion Control Feeder by Petmate

Thank you Petmate for sending another of your quality pet products to the panel for review!

Lebistro Feeder & Shakespeare
The LeBistro Portion Control Feeder (10 pound capacity), runs on batteries, and can dispense from 1/4 to 3 cups of food, three times per day. I thank my lucky stars that it arrived the day before Shakespeare’s owner, Jessica, was to leave on vacation!
Jessica takes excellent care of Shakespeare and feeds him several times a day to avoid any problems with bloat (a common issue with Great Dane’s). The feeder was very easy to program, just like programming my coffeemaker, and has worked flawlessly for a week now! I’m still responsible for preparing a couple of well watered feedings each day but by taking over 3 of his daily feedings, the Lebistro Feeder has really helped free-up my time! It’s one of those products that make you think, “How did we ever get along without it?” We LOVE Petmate products, they’re always well-made and reliable.
5_paws_thumb The LeBistro Feederearns our highest rating – 5 paws!

I found the LeBistro Portion Control Feeder on SmartHome.com for $54.79 (10 lb capacity) and $49.50 (5 lb capacity).

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