Dog Accessory Gifts

This page features miscellaneous items for your dog, including odor-eating waste disposal bags, an electronic pet feeder, and other top products that make perfect gifts.

Arm & Hammer Disposable Pet Waste Bags

No one ever said picking up dog poop is fun, but these Arm & Hammer Refill Waste Bags make a dirty job a bit more pleasant. Your walk to the nearest trash receptacle will now be less stinky. These disposable bags provide natural odor control with the help of activated baking soda and a clean, fresh scent. The handy, perforated bags fit inside the majority of poop-bag units on the market, which require bags to unroll from the outside of the dispenser. Package contains 180 blue bags; 15 bags per roll.

Available at: Amazon | EntirelyPets

LeashLocket Dog Leash

Securely holding a dog up to 90 pounds, this lightweight, magnetic retractable leash attaches right to a special rivet on your dog’s collar or harness. It’s perfect for trips to the dog park or when your dog may have some off-leash time (it’s also great for those who enjoy hands-free walking). The leash extends up to 6 feet and is made from durable webbing that’s contained in a light-weight ergonomic handle. Let your dog carry the leash so you don’t have to.

Available at: Amazon | LeashLocket

PetSafe Electronic Pet Feeder

The PetSafe Electronic Pet Feeder enables you to set the time for each feeding, in one-hour increments. Your little buddy will be sure to be fed on time, regardless if you are away from home (or just want to sleep in). Gravity feeders maintain a full food bowl, which can enable a pet to overeat. The PetSafe Electronic Pet Feeder’s tray rotates at scheduled mealtime only, providing the proper amount of food every meal. Each chamber of the feeder may be filled up to 1 cup. Dishwasher safe, with a secure, latching lid. Available in five- or two-chamber models.

Available at: Amazon | Petco | PetSafe | PetSmart

Quiet Spot Pet Tag Silencer

You are sleeping peacefully, then jingle, jangle, jingle, jingle…your dog vigorously scratches his collar — off and on, for 20 minutes. This handy neoprene, weatherproof pouch eliminates pesky dog-tag noise. Easily attachable with Velcro closures, the case prevents information from four-plus tags from wearing off and tarnish from transferring to a dog’s coat. Ingenious for daily walks; your dog will no longer attract adverse attention from other dogs due to clanking tags. For added safety, the pouch is even printed with a 3M Scotchlite reflective logo. Comfortable, handy, and available in several lovely colors, jingle, jingle, jingle…gone.

Available at: Amazon | HealthyPets


Fight back against pet obesity. Similar to the Fitbit One for humans, Whistle is a small water-proof device that clips on to your dog’s collar and records his physical activity. With a 10-day battery life between charging, Whistle sends dog all data to your iPhone or Android via custom app., which can identify trends, areas of improvement, and suggest workout schedules to keep your pooch healthy and happy. Sharing the information with your veterinarian can flag potential health issues. The app. can also post data to Facebook and other social networks. A cat model is in the works.

Available at: Whistle

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