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Pet Product Review: No-pull SENSE-ation Harness from

SENSE-ation Dog Harness

Thank you for sending a SENSE-ation Harness for our extra large Great Dane to test!


Do you have a dog who takes you on a walk instead of the other way around? We do: a very large, 10 month old Great Dane who will soon out-weigh his owner. Trying to control a rambunctious GD can be quite stressful so we were highly motivated to find a way to get his “pulling” under control. Jessica had first tried using a head collar to which Shakespeare violently objected. When the SENSE-ation harness arrived, our hopes were renewed!

Shake walking with Sensation Harness
It was very easy to put the harness on him and Shake put up no protest. And, to our delight, the XL harness not only fits him, but even leaves room for him to grow (which he will). Jessica noticed an immediate difference as she started their walk, no more pulling! Shake never even attempted to take control of the walk and, when they passed by a yard with barking dogs, Shakespeare quickly learned that he was no longer able to make a playful lunge toward the dogs while wearing the harness. Happy dog – happy owner – peaceful walk – SENSE-ational !
5_paws_thumb Pawsitively a 5 Paw Pet Product!
The SENSE-ation Dog Harness comes in 9 different sizes; sells for $20.89 to 25.89 and can be purchased on the website .

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