Deli Fresh Slice & Serve Dog Food

Pet Product Review: Deli Fresh Slice & Serve Dog Food



On my last trip to Petsmart, I passed by the refrigerated dog food case and decided it was time to give the Deli Fresh dog food a try. I bought the Adult Chicken, Vegetable and Rice Formula. It has the look and smell of bologna with chunks of vegies in it. I slice a little bit every night and add it to Joey & Shakespeare’s dry kibble. The dogs absolutely love this stuff! It’s not something I’m tempted to try, like the Wellness Lamb & Beef Stew we reviewed in April, but it’s the dog’s opinions that matter and they say it’s a GO! It’s less messy than opening and adding stew to their dinner, though it is only good for 7 days after the date that you open it.

The 2 lb package roll for around $6.99; the 6 lb roll for around $12.99. It’s available in most large pet supply retail stores or check the Deli Fresh store locator page for a retailer near you.

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