Tropiclean’s Fresh Breath Treats & Water Additive for Dogs and Cats

Pet Product Review – Tropiclean’s Fresh Breath treats & water additive for dogs and cats

dog breath

dog breath

Thank you Tropiclean for sending a bottle of your Fresh Breath water additive and a package of treats for review!

Our Lab, Joey, gives new meaning to the phrase, “dog breath!” Within a couple of hours of a good teeth cleaning, his breath can still knock you over from across the room. He’s the most lovable little guy but his breath tends to keep visitors at bay. I was anxious to test Tropiclean’s claim that their Fresh Breath water additive (made with green tea and aloe), would eliminate his bad breath for up to 12 hours. Sounds too good to be true…

A few days ago I started putting a couple of capfuls of the water additive in his bowl each time I refilled his water. Yesterday, I was sitting next to Joey on the stairs and could not believe the difference! I practically had to put my nose in his mouth to pick-up any trace of doggy breath. Unbelievable! It also says on the bottle that it reduce plaque & tartar…bonus! Really love this product!

I gave Joey some of the Fresh Breath low fat treats this morning, he gobbled them up! They’re made with mint, dill & parsley and also clean his teeth while freshening his breath.

You can purchase a 16 oz. bottle of Fresh Breath water additive for $9.99 and a 5 oz. package of Fresh Breath treats for $4.99 at or visit the Tropiclean website’s “Where to buy” page for a list of retailers who carry Fresh Breath products in your area.

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