PawSafe household cleaners by Simple Solution

Pet Product Review – PawSafe household cleaners by Simple Solution

PawSafe Household Cleaners

Thank you Simple Solutions for sending your Pawsafe cleaners for review!

Pawsafe’s household cleaning products are made with natural plant based materials and citric acid, making them safe to use around pets and children. A benefit which is especially important in our home since my daughter’s dog likes to lap up the water left behind on the shower floor!

PawSafe Multi-Surface Cleaner
PawSafe Multi-Surface Cleaner

I used the Multi-Surface cleaner in my kitchen and was impressed with how well it cut through grease around the stovetop and brought a streak-less shine to my stainless steel appliances. It also worked great on the bathroom mirror! The PawSafe Multi-Surface Cleaner worked as well (if not better than), any name brand product I’ve used in the past!
PawSafe Tub & Tile Cleaner
PawSafe Tub & Tile Cleaner

The Tub & Tile Cleaner did a great job cleaning the ceramic and tile surfaces in the bathroom. It also cut through the hard water film on the shower door as well as a ring that was beginning to build in the sink, and left behind a light, clean fragrance. Works just as well as Scrubbing Bubbles and other bathroom cleaning products I’ve used.
I would put the PawSafe cleaning products up against any name brand product (which contain dangerous chemicals and are hazardous to pets and children). You can purchase any of the PawSafe products on the Petco website for $5.97. Click for a $1 off PawSafe Household Cleaners coupon (exp 12/31/10)
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