New Nina Ottoson Dog Twister Puzzle from The Company of Animals

Pet Product Review – New Nina Ottoson Dog Twister Puzzle from The Company of Animals

The Company of Animals

Dog Twister

Nina Ottoson Puzzles

A big howl of thanks from the review panel to the good folks at The Company of Animals for sending the new Dog Twister puzzle for review!

The Company of Animals was founded by Dr Roger Mugford, Britain’s leading animal behaviorist and creator of the HALTI (the first canine headcollar), to provide all the help dog owners might need to train their pets. All Company of Animals products are tested during classes and consultations at their Training and Behavior Centre to assure that each product is of the highest quality and truly enriches the lives of both dog and owner.
Sativa & Twister

Dogs have an innate problem-solving ability that, when left unchallenged, can cause them to act-out in destructive ways. Nina Ottoson’s interactive puzzles provide our pets with the mental stimulation they need and crave. They also provide our families with hours of enjoyment as we watch our furry “Einsteins” problem-solve.

Sativa & the Twister

Our tester for the Dog Twister was Sativa, a very smart American Staffordshire Terrier. Her owner says, “Sativa absolutely loves the Dog Twister! The directions are easy to follow and it is a great tool to train your dog to use their nose and motor skills to get to treats. It would probably also be a great tool to help hunters and police officers train their dogs. Sativa uses her nose and toes to move the puzzle pieces and is rewarded for using her smarts to find ‘hidden’ treats.”

5paws_thumb Dog Twister earns the panel’s highest rating of 5 paws!
You can purchase the Dog Twister puzzle (along with other Nina Ottoson puzzles) on the SmartieDog Pet Products website for $54.99.

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