The Neater Feeder: An ingenious mess-proof pet feeding system

Pet Product Review – The Neater Feeder mess-proof pet feeding system by TowerStar Pets, LLC

Neater Feeder Neater Feeder

What a great idea! Thanks to TowerStar Pets, makers of the Neater Feeder, for providing the panel with their mess-proof feeding system to review!

Neater Feeder for dogs

More times than I care to recall (especially before my morning cup of java), I have crashed head-on into our pet’s water bowls, splashing water everywhere and making a big mess. Add to that scenario a dog and cat who are more than a little slovenly when it comes to their table manners, creating even more work for our live-in maid (guess who). Enter the Neater Feeder by TowerStar Pets!

Neater Feeder for cats

This ingenious feeding system is equipped with splash protectors, an upper reservoir to catch spilled kibble and a lower reservoir to trap spilled water. Kaya’s human had this to say, “I LOVE the whole set up, it has eliminated a lot of the mess and fits well in her little eating area.” The smaller model has also worked well for our cats, especially our “psycho” kitty who, prior to eating with the handy splash guards, somehow managed to fling his food halfway across the room during chow time. The panel whole-heartedly recommends the Neater Feeder to fellow pet owners living with messy mutts or unkempt cats!

The Neater Feeder comes in various sizes, bronze or cranberry colors and ranges in price from $34.99 to $65.98 (leg extensions can be purchased separately). You can buy this very cool pet product on the Neater Feeder website .

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