Sill Shields & Door Shields by Magnum Plastics, Inc

Pet Product Review – Sill shields & Door Shields by Magnum Plastics, Inc

Sill ShieldDoor Shield

We’re always looking for unique pet products to review and the Door and Sill Shields certainly fit the bill! Our thanks to Gary Castelle, President of Magnum Plastics, Inc. for sending some samples our way!

We have a dog who loves to scratch at the door to let us know when he needs to go outside and needless to say, the door looks like it’s been through a couple of wars! After repainting the door, we installed the Door Shield using the peel-and-stick Low Profile Dual Lock Velcro-like coins by 3M that came with it. Very simple and very quick! They’re strong enough to stay in place but not so sticky that if you have to remove them they would damage the paint. Now all we have to do is occasionally wipe it off. Much easier and less time consuming than scrubbing the paint and no more worries about permanent damage being done to the door!

Magnum Plastics also makes Sill Shields to protect your window sills from scratches. We don’t currently have a need for them at our house, but if you have a pup who likes to get a better view of what’s going on outside by resting his paws on your sills, the Sill Shields would work great!

You can purchase the 28 x 16Door Shieldsin white ($14.95) or clear ($24.95) and theSill Shields(which come in varying lengths and widths, clear and white), for $12.95 on website.

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