Just Plain Orange Bumper | Fetch Toy by Katie’s Bumpers

Pet Product Review: Just Plain Orange Bumper | Fetch Toyby Katie’s Bumpers


Orange_bumper The Just Plain Orange Bumper by Katie’s Bumpers has quickly become a favorite fetch toy in my house. It is made of a durable hard plastic, just heavy enough for a good toss. It is dishwasher safe, made in the U.S.and the bright orange color makes iteasily visible in the snow, dirt, grass or water. Yes, that’s right, it floats!

I recently got a new puppy,lab/golden retriever mix, I have been hoping he likesto swimso I can teach him to fetch from the water. This it the perfect toy for that and in Colorado the perfect weather isn’t too far away.

My dog absolutely loves to fetch this toy, BUT I do have to watch him with it as he also thinks it makes a great chew toy. Although this fetch toy is durable it is not intended to be used as a chew toy. So, I make sure that if we aren’t playing fetch it is put away.

The Just Plain Orange Bumper by Katie’s Bumpersis also phthalate free! For those that don’t know, phthalates are a substance often found in plastics that have been known to cause health problems, they are being phased out of many products in the U.S.

Who is Katie, you might be wondering? Katie’s Bumpersis named after a very special family dog, a Newfoundland.She was a working dog, a water rescue dog andearned all of her titles among the Newfoundlandcommunity. Through an animal communicator shelet it be known that the bumpers she had beentrained to retrievefrom the water are hard to see. Not too long after this Katie’s Bumpers was launched.

Just Plain Bumpers can be purchased directly from the Katie’s Bumpers website for $14.00.

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