a new approach to pet identification

Pet Product Review-


As all my readers may know I am a huge advocate for pet identification. This includes ID tags microchip in and registering your pet. But what about a new concept of a ID tag are you as the owner? The concept was brought to my attention by So when the [email protected] offered to send me a sample I couldn’t resist. I followed their very simple instructions, uploaded a picture of my puppy Charlie and my location identification and sent it off via their website.

In two days I received the most adorable miniature replication of a New York state driver’s license, but with a picture of my puppy Charlie. Also in the package were to refrigerator magnets approximately the size of a business card. My friends just love these drivers licenses were a hoot.

What sets these tags apart from others is that they are a soft laminate, so there’s no abraision against your dog’s skin and they surely capture the attention of whoever sees attack. I used my tags as a zipper pull for my new parka. They are cute and stylish.

I strongly suggest that you check out the website. The cost for a magnet and tag set completely customized with your pet’s picture is only $20.

If you have a pet product you think will pass the Secret Shopper Test, send an e-mail to [email protected].