Ellipse Dog Bed

Pet Product Review – Ellipse Dog Bed

If luxurious comfort and style in your bed is important to you, and you want your dog to enjoy the same privilege, then I’ve found the perfect dog bed for you. The Ellipse Dog Bed from Best Friend NYC. This bed is comfort design galore.


As you can see this is a design-hound’s slumber dream. It is called the Ellipse bed because the elliptical form in bent ply wrapped in your choice of fine wood veneer. Ellipse bed is available with either a washable faux fur pillow and cover set, or a micro-fibre crypton cover cushion with an integrated moisture barrier that promises permanent performance.

Length 32″ | Width 21″

Now you may think, “luxury wood veneer” and be opposed to the cultivation of tropical wood. Lucky for us the Ellipse bed is eco-friendly. Here is a snip from www.bestfriendnyc.com:

Bamboo veneer is supplied by a US-based manufacturer. Wenge is harvested in Italian agricultural plantations, not rainforest. Both materials are produced with strict adherence to modern environmental standards. Finishes do not contain harmful to the atmosphere lacquers. All finishes use polyurethane varnish which is as water resistant, and environmentally friendlier.

Order your Ellipse bed for $900. the Best Friend website has just the design tools to let you design the perfect bed to match your contemporary interior:


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