Skamper-Ramp for Pool Safety

Pet Product Review – Skamper Ramp for Pool Safety

As you may know, Champ and I spent our summers at my family’s house. Champ loved being in the country and on the boat and with us around the pool. But I have to admit, he was a terrible swimmer. So this weekend I received a catalogue from In The Company of Dogs ( I’ve always loved the high quality products that this company has. But when I saw the Skamper Ramp I said to myself, I wish I had one of those, and will definitely get one for my next dog.


What the Skamper-Ramp does is create a easy to apply safety ramp so that your pet can swim to an escape ramp from the pool. Dogs don’t always know where the the steps are to get out of a pool and many pools don’t have steps at all. So, why take the risk. First you should never leave your dog unsupervised around a pool. They are your children, and like children need the same supervision. But in the unlikely case that your pet does fall in, the Skamper-Ramp helps assure they get out safely and effortlessly.

I recommend you check out for more information on outdoor living products for your dogs. Or for $99 order yours at:

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