Product Review: Cloud Star Provenance dog treats

Pet Product Review – Cloud Star Provenance dog treats

The good folks at Cloud Star sent Champ and me a box of their new grain-free dog treat called Provenance. Yes, like the name, Provenance is premium with great star shaped cookie design. Provenance means in French “a point of origination” so the treats are based on the “fundamental sources of nutrition as nature intended.”

Cloudstar provenance

Well, I can see how mother nature intended our canine ancestors to eat grain free, wheat & corn free, no sugar foods, but she also gave us tastebuds that make us seek foods we enjoy. Sorry Cloud Star, I love ya, but the Provenance brand treats are really bland. I gave samples to nearly a dozen dogs. They all enthusiastically accepted my treat offer, sometimes they carried them in their mouths for a bit. But ulitmately they ended up on the floor with one bite taken out.

Now, I thought this was weird so I took a bite, just a small one. Well, they taste exactly as I imagined, like dried potato with essence of chicken. It was very dry.

Don’t get me wrong, the company is great! Cloud Star makes all their products in the USA; that’s a huge point from me. And they give 10% of the net profits to non-profits that help animals; 2 points! but when it comes to taste…. give us a little sizzle.

You can buy Cloud Star Provenance on their website at a 16oz box will cost $7.95.

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