The Eat Slow Bowl from Greedy Pup

Pet Product Review –The Eat Slow Bowl from Greedy Pup

You know, when my dog Champ was sick many people came to me and shared their pet health conditions with me. I guess its an indirect way people tell you that they know what you’re going through. Anyway, what I heard time and time again was that many dogs suffered from bloat. This is when too much air gets digested when eating. Its a particular problem with breeds that tend to gobble their food like Labradors. So, i started to look around for food bowls that helped mitigate fast gobbling. Many were just bowls with sticks in them, some not pretty at all. Then i found The Eat Slow Bowl from Greedy Pup:


What I like about this bowl is it’s pretty, and will look stylish in your kitchen, or wherever your dog dines. Also, the knobs are not too obtrusive and don’t stick out. It handles big kibble and small alike. The bowl won’t skid as your dog eats up to 6 cups of food. The Eat Slow Bowl by Greedy Pup is 10.7 inches in diameter and dishwasher safe.

Look for your Eat Slow Bowl for only $28 at

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