Sleepypod Air Mesh Pet Carrier

Pet Product Review – Sleepypod Air Mesh Pet Carrier

So, this pas week I was traveling for business and at the car rental counter was this lady with her Yorkie. Not only were they stylish beyond belief, her little Yorkie had perhaps what I thought the most perfect pet carrier – a Sleepypod Air Mesh Pet Carrier


The Sleepypod is much more than a bed, but an entire system that is designed to give your pet more or less exposure to the scene, depending on the pet and situations. They do this by first starting with a super secure base of foam and cushion and then capping that base with a collapsible mesh dome. The dome can be opened up “a little” or all the way. The thich sturdy shoulderstrap either way assures that your pet is close to their protector.

I especially like the mesh for the ventilation qualities. Our subways, planes and trains can get awefully stuffy this time of year.

Another good point is that the Sleepypod can be cleaned simply with a vacuum, or if you need, its washing machine safe.

Now, there are many variables and measurements to create the custom Sleepypod that is perfectly suited to your pet. With that, I recommend going to their website and build your own. If you’re combining with other pet supplies, go no farther than, not only does their selection of Sleepypod start at a competitive $152, but 5% of all proceeds go to an animal rescue charity. Good work to both.

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