Cloudpuff Luxury Pet Blanket by Sleepypod

Pet Product Review – Cloudpuff luxury pet blanket by Sleepypod

Sleepypod Pet Products

Thank you Sleepypod team for providing us with the Cloudpuff pet blanket to review! Another quality pet product!

Chanel & Cloudpuff

Velvety soft suede-like material on one side, wooly plush polyester on the other. This blanky is so soft and cozy, I want one for myself! Our Toy Yorkie, Chanel, was the tester and as you can see from the photo (left), she gives it her whole hearted approval! The Cloudpuff blanket also features two words on the label which are music to the panel’s ears, “machine washable!”

Cloudpuff pet blanket

Chanel’s owner, Soo Jin, was very pleased with the quality of the Cloudpuff blanket and also gave it high marks on the “Snuggle Scale.” She takes it with her whenever she and Chanel go visiting so her pup is never without a warm, comfy place to relax. At home, Soo Jin tosses the blanket on a chair where Chanel nestles in and soars away to doggy dream land. The only possible improvement that could be made to this luxury pet product would be to add a latch and handle for dog owners on the go!

The Cloudpuff blanket comes in 3 sizes: Small (11 x 13″) – $24.50; Medium (16 x 19″) – $29.50 and; Large (21 x 32″) – $34.50 (the small and medium sizes fit nicely in the Sleepypod pet carrier). You can order your blanket online on the Sleepypod website.

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