Missouri’s Prop B: Vote today! (Need a reason? Check out Doreen’s story.)

Missouri resident?

Today’s the day to make a difference. A “yes” vote on Prop B means better (read: humane) care for puppies for sale — and their breeding mothers. It’s endorsed by leading animal welfare organizations (including Best Friends Animal Society, HSUS, and the ASPCA) and by Dogtime.com.

If you need further proof as to why such laws are needed, take a look at the videos posted on Doreen Disbro’s Doggies and Stuff site.


Doreen accompanied Southside Shelter of Indianapolis on a rescue mission to Mexico, Missouri. Their goal: to save the lives of dogs being put up for auction — and to put puppy mills out of business. Her journey is unbelievable and what she found was unforgettable.

Thank you, Doreen, for all that you did.