Tortoise helps tortoise, dog saves ferret

You don’t need me to tell you this: Animals are heroes.

A black Lab named Sissy was rescued by neighbors from a burning Ohio home on Monday, only to rush back inside once she was safe in the yard. After firefighters arrived and again removed Sissy from the house, she charged back in a second time.

Baffled by the dog’s repeated return to life-threatening danger, observers on the scene were finally able to make sense of her behavior: Sissy’s friend, a ferret named Tiffy, was trapped in her cage inside the house. Only when firefighters pulled Tiffy from the smoke and flames was Sissy was content to remain in the yard.

Bravo to the beautiful dog – and to the rescuers who “listened” to her.

And in reptilian news, my friend Alicia turned me on to this video. One tortoise (turtle?) helps another get back on his feet in what quite possibly might be the sweetest youtube tortoise footage I’ve ever seen.

Next thing you know, humans will be helping fellow humans… Haves will be lifting the have-nots! Treatable diseases will be eliminated! Hunger will become a distant memory!

Nah… too crazy.