Sarge, shot 6 times, is finally a lucky dog

Today the planets aligned for me in a way I’m not used to. I had the intense pleasure and honor of having dinner with Michael Mountain, the founder and past president of Best Friends Animal Society. Best Friends is home to 22 of the Pit Bulls confiscated from Michael Vick’s property – and has by all accounts done an amazing job of rehabilitating the once-thought “hopeless” dogs.

Michael Mountain, with his charming British accent and unassuming demeanor, may just be the loveliest person I’ve ever met. He’s the keynote speaker at the conference, New Mexico Humane, I’m attending tomorrow, and I’m hoping to hear more about his latest ventures: Zoe (community for those who care about our planet and the animals living here), and the Stubby Dog Project (an initiative to break down prevailing myths about Pit Bulls).

As you can gather, Mountain is a hero of mine. So the above is all delicious icing. Here’s the cake: It was announced today that Sarge, the German Shepherd who was viciously shot six times while trapped in his kennel, has been guaranteed permanent resident at the Best Friends sanctuary. This is great news, and especially welcome for those who wrote to Ohio decision-makers on his behalf. It is truly the ending Sarge deserves. And it’s the reason I idolize Michael Mountain.