Pit Bulls rescue Colorado Chihuahua from coyote

Pit Bulls are banned in Denver. So it’s a good thing Jodi Robinette and her Chihuahua mix, Buster, live outside the city in Littleton. Jodi and Buster were out early one morning last month when the little dog was seized by a coyote. Jodi describes hearing a blood-curdling scream and remembers seeing the coyote shaking Buster in his mouth as he ran off. But that’s all she recounts before she gets too choked up to talk.

As it is, Buster suffered serious wounds – a collapsed lung, deep lacerations, and other injuries requiring major surgery. But it could have been much, much worse.

Lucky for Buster, a neighbor’s Pit Bulls rushed to the scene. Not only did the dogs scare off the coyote, who subsequently released Buster, the Pit Bulls circled the wounded Chihuahua, protecting him from a return attack until Jodi arrived. Buster owes his life to those dogs.

I can relate to Buster — I’ve been rescued by Pit Bulls too. Although not from coyotes. (Usually wily humans.)