Dog food recipes?


I’d like to cook a healthy meal for my dog now and then. Are there particular ingredients I should use or can you recommend any recipes?


One of the great things about dogs is that they need the same nutrients we do, which means they can eat most of the same foods we do.

In most cases, if you are making healthy meals for yourself–meaning that you are choosing different types of foods from each of the food groups, all relatively unprocessed and without added sugars or salt–they will be good for your dog too. (Some human foods can be harmful to dogs, so be careful with your recipes.)

You can also refer to a cookbook for dogs–look for one that addresses the need for calcium and phosphate. If you plan on regularly feeding your dog home-cooked meals, be sure to give him a multi-vitamin for nutritional insurance.

Reminder: watch out for the calories. Many dogs will eat anything put in front of them and portion size is just as important for them as it is for you. Dogs, just like people, need nutrients and calories in reasonable proportions for their weight and life stage. If they are missing nutrients, or getting too few or too many calories for their level of physical activity, it will be harder for them to stay healthy.