Halloween is everyone’s excuse to be silly–every human, that is.

But let’s be perfectly clear: Wearing spider legs or a pumpkin head isn’t most dogs’ idea of a good time. There are dogs are mellow enough to tolerate this kind of nonsense. If your dog’s one of them, go ahead–host a Howl-o-ween bash.

It’s one of the easiest dog parties to organize. Simply invite your friends and their dogs to come to your house or a nearby park, all gussied up, and most of the work is done. The guests provide the entertainment, since there are few things funnier than seeing dogs dressed as witches, princesses, or hot dogs.

Your only other tasks are to make sure the human guests have a chance to strut their dogs’ stuff, there’s plenty of room for milling around, there’s enough for everyone to eat, and the party doesn’t last too long. It’s hard enough for a dog to be on good behavior in a crowd; throw in an embarrassing get up and it can become positively beastly.

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