The best comic strip dogs

For youngsters (and the young at heart), no weekend is complete without the Sunday morning comics. Sitting at the table flipping through page after page of full-color illustrations as dad reads the business section and mom peruses the front page makes any kid feel like a grown-up. The discovery of silly putty ratchets up the level of enjoyment, as making carbon copies of the comics is just as fun as reading them. While humans are usually the comic strip stars, their canine sidekicks play important supporting roles. Check out some of our favorite comic dogs below, and long live Sunday morning comics.

Snoopy from Peanuts by Charles Schulz (beagle)

Satchel from Get Fuzzy by Darby Conley (mutt)

Grimmy from Mother Goose & Grimm by Mike Peters (mutt)

Barfy and Sam from Family Circus by Bill Keane (Labrador and mutt)

Daisy from Blondie by Chic Young, Dean Young, and John Marshall (Weimaraner)

Hot Dog from Archie by Maurice Coyne, Louis Silberkleit, and John L. Goldwater (mutt)

Dogbert from Dilbert by Scott Adams (part human, part canine)

Earl from Mutts by Patrick McDonnell (Jack Russell terrier)

Krypto from Superman by Otto Binder and Curt Swan (superdog)

Odie from Garfield by Jim Davis (purebred clown)

Marmaduke from Marmaduke by Brad Anderson (Great Dane)

Sandy from Little Orphan Annie by Harold Gray (terrier)

Snert from Hagar the Horrible by Dik Browne and Chris Browne (Viking dog)

Are we missing any of your favorite comic dogs? Post a comment and add to our list. Want to get animated? Check out our favorite cartoon dogs.

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