Labs: puppy and dog breed highlights

Considering a Labrador Retriever? While every dog is an individual, it can’t hurt to know a few things about the breed’s reputation before deciding to make one part of your family. For the Lab in a nutshell, check out our list of highlights below. And for an-depth look at the history and personality of this type of dog, take a look at our Labrador Retriever breed profile.

Labs… the good stuff

These dogs are exceptionally affectionate and people oriented. Typically, they want nothing more than to hang out with their human family.

Great with kids and friendly toward strangers and other dogs, Labs are a good choice for first-time dog owners.

Labs are intelligent and like to please, making them relatively easy to train.

Labs… don’t say we didn’t warn you

Some Labs don’t do well with long stretches by themselves and should not be left alone for hours on end.

Labs are highly energetic and quite playful. They require a lot of exercise to be kept happy (not to mention, manageable).

Labs can be mouthy. Start training bite inhibition early.