Most popular kennel club dog shows

The first recorded dog show was a field trial organized by Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II in 1603. The need to classify dog show dogs by breed arose in the 1800s, after it became difficult to differentiate between the “types” of dogs registered in the contest, as they were entered only by their dog names.

In today’s dog shows, each dog is judged on how well it represents the published standards for his or her specific breed. Judges examine each dog to see how well teeth, muscles, bones, and coat texture adhere to the breed’s official standards.

Thousands of pet shows take place each year in the United States. Which competitions attract the most entrants? Using the AKC‘s 2007 data, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular all breed dog shows.

1. Kennel Club Palm Springs: 3374 entrants in dog show (Indio, CA)

2. Harrisburg Kennel Club: 3126 entrants in dog show (Harrisburg, PA)

3. Dog Fan Association of Oregon: 3089 entrants in dog show (Portland, OR)

4. Tualatin Kennel Club: 2986 entrants in dog show (Portland, OR)

5. Louisville Kennel Club: 2927 entrants in dog show (Louisville, KY)

6. Evansville Kennel Club: 2920 entrants in dog show (Louisville, KY)

7. Del Valle Dog Club Livermore: 2908 entrants in dog show (Pleasanton, CA)

8. Richland County Kennel Club: 2710 entrants in dog show (Cleveland, OH)

9. Beaver County Kennel Club: 2596 entrants in dog show (Canfield, OH)

10. Greenville Kennel Club: 2557 entrants in dog show (Greenville, SC)

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