Product Review: Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Canine

Pet Product Review – Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Canine

Well, my dog Champ is very sick. He has a number of complications and we’re heading to the specialist this morning. Unfortunately, it seems that he may have a neurological issue. This scares me.

One of the side affects from his ailment is that he’s incredibly dizzy and as a result started to vomit accutely. Poor pup, he had nothing left in his stomach and that made the matter worse. So aside from the neurological issues, I asked my vet what is the best food for your dog when they vomit. She recommended Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Canine.

Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Canine

The Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Canine is specially formulated for a diet that won’t aggrevate a pup with gastrointestinal diseases. I guess you can say its like white rice with a bit of chicken but in a can an perfectly balanced for a dog.

You can find this Hill’s product on nearly every online retailer. Southern Agriculture has it on sale at:

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