Product review: t/d Small Bites Canine

What a difference! Chi Chi loves t/d Small Bites by Hill’s Prescription Diet.

Seriously now, really good friends of mine whose opinion I totally respect adopted a two-year-old French Bulldog. Chi Chi, despite being totally adorable and smart, was a bit underweight and had some congestion problems that needed vet attention.

The vet recommended Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d Small Bits. It is specifically formulated for dogs that weigh less than 15 lbs with smaller sized kibble for their little mouths.

Not only does Chi Chi love, love, love this kibble, she looks great, and in two months her health, coat, and teeth got significantly better. My friends simply said, “It’s amazing”.

So if your little dog is your loving companion, make sure to ask your vet for the best food recommendation and ask for the Hill’s Prescription t/d diet.

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