Product Review: Nurtured Pets Anti Lick Strips Prevent

Pet Product Review -Nurtured Pets Anti Lick Strips Prevent

Ever come across a product and then say to yourself “where have you been?, I needed you last month”. Thats exactly what happened to me when I got a sample for Nurtured Pets. I was send a trial pack of Nurtured Pets Anti Lick Strips in the small dog size.

anti lick strip

These folks are so clever. They made a bandage specifically designed for dogs. I know, this type of product has been around for a long time, but not to the general public, at least not in my neighborhood. I’ve looked.

In the Fall, my dog Champ had a small irritation, probably caused by an insect bite. Well, the dog is very smart, and when he noticed I tried to be Florence Nightengale with my feeble attempt to use a human band aid, he played it up to the hilt. He started to hop, and pretend that his leg was hurting because he knew I’d give him a little treat afterwards. $1,600 later, after a visit to the vet with a full check up, x-rays and such, my vet, who I’m not a huge fan of, says “he’s just acting, this is the the healthiest dog I’ve ever seen.” And would you know, Champ immediately stopped acting and has walked perfect ever since.

What I’m getting at is if I had seen a little mosquito bite, hot spot or granulomas (word of the day) with a Nurtured Pets Anti-Lick Strip Prevent I would have applied a stip and not worried so quickly. There is nothing chemical or unnatural about the Nurtured Pets Anti Lick Strips Prevent, they use natural cayenne pepper to deter licking.

You can buy trial packs of two or better yet retail size packs of 6 directly from Nurtured Pets Anti Lick Strips Prevent really are a must have as the weather warms and walks get longer.

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