Product Review: ZiwiPeak ‘Daily-Dog’ Cuisine Venison / Lamb

Pet Product Review – ZiwiPeak ‘Daily-Dog’ Cuisine Venison / Lamb

As you may know, everyday I receive a box of samples and goodies to test out for my reviews. Well, would believe that the other day a box came from New Zealand? Yes! A company called ZiwiPeak is breaking into the US market. I love the ZiwiPeak philosophy and that is to make products “formulated on the same balance of meat ingredients that cats and dogs would find by hunting in the wild.”

We tried the ZiwiPeak ‘Daily-Dog’ Cuisine Venison / Lamb. Each sample was a small pouch of about 2 oz of small jerky like meat bits. What I like is that this is a transition product should you be interested in giving your pet a raw diet. You can tell it was nothing but real meat. In fact the ingredients are:

  • Venison (meat min 65%, venison organs min 19.5%)
  • Venison & Fish (meat min 50%, venison organs min 19.5%, Hoki fish min 15%)
  • Lamb (meat min 65%, lamb organs min 19.5%)


Now, I went on the website, I read all of the material provided and all it said was to give 1 scoop per pound of pet. Well, from the samples that they sent me, yes, they look like a scoop, but it certainly was not enough to feed my 30lbs dog, or even my cat. Do you mix this product in with other dry kibble? Well, that’s what I did. Everyday I mix a little bit of wet food in with my dog’s dry kibble. On the days we tested this sample, I replaced the small bit of wet food with a sample pouch of ZiwiPeak Dog Cuisine. Yes, he did love it. And I feel it was a nice substitue for canned wet food.

But keep in mind, if you’re using this product as a standalone product, it is very expensive. For a $2.2lbs bag the price is $27 in the local pet store near me. I did find it on sale for $22.14 at PetsWarehouse:

You know, it became apparent that when introducing a new product that hopes to change peoples’ lifestyles and feeding patterns for their pets, your website needs to be extremely clear with the message, feeding instructions and have fool-proof navigation. I for myself would feel more comfortable giving a stronger recommendation of the product if I had more samples to accurately determine how its affected my pets, and clear answers to my questions on past recall, sourcing, feeding amounts, and best way to introduce the product into my dog’s diet. Unfortunately the petstores I visited were not able to answer these questions either.

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