Product Review: Outward Hound The Pet Saver Life Jackets by Kyjen

Pet Product Review – Outward Hound The Pet Saver Life Jackets by Kyjen

It’s as simple as this, if you take your dog on a boat, make sure he’s wearing a life jacket. Think about it, with children, its the law. All children on a boat must wear a life jacket, so why should it be any different for a dog. I especially feel strongly about this since there are some great inexpensive options for you. Kyjen Company has a line of canine life jackets that are stylish and affordable. Here is a video that i thought was great:

Now watching this video I was totally reminded how the hardest part of lifting a dog out of water is that they actually fall under the boat or dock. Case in point, my dog Champ, who loves the family boat, did not fall off the boat itself, but jumped from the parked boat to the dock last summer. Even though we were only 5 feet from the shore, he was scared. Lifting him out from under the dock was a bit of an traumatic for all of us.

Here is Champ on the boat, the same day he fell in. Notice, happy, but no life jacket:

champ on boat

So, here it is again, you have a dog, you have a boat, buy an Outward Hound The Pet Saver Life Jackets by Kyjen. They are on sale and less than $20 at Animal World Network. Go to this page to order: remember to consider the weight and size of your dog’s chest when making a purchase.

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