Product Review: PetzLife @-Eaze Calming Support for Pets

Pet Product Review – PetzLife @-Eaze Calming Support for Pets

Ok, as you may have read in my previous blog posts this week, we’ve had a little visitor to our house. Cute as a button, but way too much energy. Both my pets, Stinky the Cat and Champ my Sheltie were not thrilled with the change of pace. Lucky for me, the people at PetzLife sent me a sample of PetzLife @-Eaze Calming Support for Pets.

PetzLife @-Eaze Calming Support for Pets is a 4.5 fl.oz. bottle of gel. I swear it’s the weirdest thing. The gel contains 100% natural formula of nutrients that are known to calm and relax a pet. You put a little bit, into your pets’ water, or food, or even apply orally. The result, hopefully, is a pet with a bit less anxiety.

Yes, I was sceptical at first. I wondered if it was dangerous, if I could accidentally overdose, etc. But I looked up on line and all the ingredients are natural and safe. I added the formula to my pets’ water.

Well, I can’t speak about the hyper little guest we had, I think she is naturally a bundle of energy. But for Champ and Stinky, let’s just say, they’ve been doing quite a bit of sleeping. I actually think it works, and would be great to bring along in the car when we travel to the country. Certainly it is something you should have on hand during the holidays when you have mulitple guests.

If you’re interested in buying a bottle, a years supply is $24 and can be found at or at your favorite all natural pet store.

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