Product Review: Baseball Caps

Pet Product Review – Baseball Cap with Your Dog’s Breed Profile A Must Have Gift for Dog Lovers

Ok, quite simply, the best gift I’ve ever seen for a dog lover is the Baseball Cap with Your Dog’s Breed Profile embroidered to the front by This baseball cap is a must buy and perfect for the summer!

your breed sheltie hatsheltie embroidery

The good people at sent me a hat that was customized just for me. Knowing that I have a Sheltie and I have a passion for the breed and anything I can get with Shelities on them; they sent me a baseball cap embroidered with a Sheltie. The first thing that i noticed was that the ebroidery jumped right out at me. I swear the embroidery from is 3D! And talk about lifelike. That is my dog Champ in the image above!

As for the quality, you can’t get any better. Its very durable and the “good kind” of baseball caps that have the extra supportive rim that sports black piping. I really like how there is not a stiff front as many sports baseball caps have. And despite the extreme durability, the baseball cap is light weight and breathable.

For added features, there is the most adorable side pocket that is the perfect size for holding a baggie for doo-doo and a doggie treat or two. This makes the hat an essential if you’re training your dog. Now you never have to worry about where the bag is or if you have a treat on hand. For me, I love it because I can take a few dollars and go to the small grocery or the Starbucks down the street without having to take out my wallet.

On the back is the most adorable paw print which is the symbol of Honestly, its the most comfortable baseball cap I’ve ever worn and my neighbors are always commenting on how perfectly matched i am with my best mate.

Buy this perfect Dog Lover’s gift at For only $21.95, its the best gift you can give someone who is passionate about their dog’s breed. Here is the link for Shelties:

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