Product Review: Sergeant’s People Crackers

Pet Product Review: Sergeant’s People Crackers – The People Dogs Love To Eat 6.5oz

The People Dogs Love To Eat, would you believe I remember these commercials from when I was a little kid. And trust me, that was a long time ago. Sergeant’s People Crackers have been around forever.

people crackers

I remember being cracked up as a kid, ’cause the crackers are colorful, people shapes your dogs needs to be familiar with; Police Officer, Mail Deliverer, and Milk Deliverer. They’re not very big crackers, just little things. So, that makes them the perfect size for keeping in your pocket for training, and to show a little bit attention every so often.

The box is 6.5oz and can be found in nearly every grocery store. You can’t beat the price at only $1.49 per box. So, in this economy, you might want to take that into consideration and keep a box on hand. Sergeant’s People Crackers will let you continue to spoil your dog without breaking the bank.

What can be improved is the taste. My dog Champ, he will sit, and obey when I give him one of the treats. But you can see on his face, he’s a bit dissapointed at the reward. Its kind of like when your grandmother used to give you those old sticky peppermint candies in the middle of the summer and they were left over from Christmas. Same affect, okay… but ick.

Now right on the box it says “not for human consumption”. But that did not stop the Secret Shopper. I tasted one. Remember, they’re little crackers. In fact, I think it was the yellow Police Officer. I was like “this is nasty”. Trust me there is hardly any taste. It did vaguely remind me of those stone ground wheat crackers that you buy because they’re cheap and you’re already spent too much money on the cheese to go on top, but have to drink a full glass of wine to wash them down. Poor dogs, don’t have wine. Well, what do you expect, the main ingredient in this cracker is: Ground Wheat.

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