Product Review: Wellness Natural Food For Pets

Pet Product Review – Wellness Natural Food For Pets – Free Samples


There’s a saying I use quite frequently “If its free, its for me!”. Well in the Blue Book which is the directory to the Westminster Dog Show published by the Metropolitan Dog Club there is a full page advertisement for Wellness Natural Food For Pets. The advertisement calls out for a free sample of Wellness Dry Dog or Cat Food. All you have to do is call 1-800-225-0904. Mention “THE BLUE BOOK” that’s the code to get your sample. I would recommend going to their site first to see if their is a particular product you’d like to try

Now a sample is a sample, and could actually be junk mail if its not from a good and reputible company. No worries Wellness Natural Food for Pets is super premium, high protein, and full of wholesome grains, fiber and fruits. Their philosophy is that they would feed their pets nothing that they themselves would eat. Therefore, Wellness products contain no chemicals, fillers, or and nothing artificial.

So my recommendation; call Wellness for a free sample and test it out yourself.

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