Product Review: Nutra-9 Joint Care Management

Pet Product Review – Nutra-9 Joint Care Management.

If you have a dog, any dog, any breed, what is probably the most important health concern: Joint Pain.

With that I contacted several companies that offer healthy and herbal alternatives to animal pharmacy companies for product samples. Funny, I guess most of these companies don’t care what our general public thinks about their recommendations. But, the very smart people at Nutra-9 did. Not only did they send me a sample, they sent me enough of a sample so that we could adequately due a test and assess the results.

Nutra-9 set out to find a herbal remedy for joint care that was absolutely the world’s most affective at alleviating joint care for dogs with joint deterioration such as Arthritis. What they saw is that most products simply were vitamins that contained glucosamine. Not Nutra-9, there is no glucosamine in any of their products. Their premier product is called VG750.


But let’s look at what our panelist Ryan had to say:

“Secret Shopper asked me to do a product review of Nutra-9, so here it is, sorry it took a little longer than expected.

My parents have a 14 y/o lab/husky, who basically spent his entire life wandering around my parents’ lawn – no matter how hot, cold, wet, etc., he really like to be outside. But, all those years took a toll on this joints and he now has arthritis, and it is especially bad in the front right leg. I asked my parents to try Nutra-9 to see if would make any difference in his mobility, and I’m happy to hear that he is much more active that what he was 8-10 weeks ago. Even though he is still an old dog and will not be as active as he once was, he now enjoys wandering around my parents yard and spending more time exploring, even though it is freezing in Wisconsin. Thanks for providing the product. It has been a big help to my parents’s dog.”

Well i think the above was a great testimonial. Do buy Nutra-9 and try it. Go directly to their website at The price is $25 per bottle. But if you buy more than 3 bottles, the price goes down to $19/bottle.

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