Product Review: Holistic Health Extension Original by Vets’ Choice

Pet Product Review – Holistic Health Extension Original by Vets’ Choice

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Just 3 blocks away from me a new pet store opened up. That makes a total of 4 pet stores in my ‘hood”, all unique in their offerings. I asked the owner of the store, what is simply the best dry dog food you can recommend. His response: “Holistic Health Extension Original, not only is it best but the most popular”. I asked why? and he said “because its holistic.” Well that doesn’t hold a lot of credibility with me. So, I did some due diligence.

First thing I checked was that there were no recalls. And no ingredients had origin from China; good in my book. The number one ingredient is Chicken. There is no wheat, no corn, and the nutrition panel was comprised of well recognized ingredients. So Far so good.

In my research I wanted to hear advantages. Among the notable advantages and benefits of feeding your dog with Health Extension dog food are that these foods help in building in the dog a stronger immune system that can keep him healthy as well as free from diseases and illnesses. In addition, many Health Extension dog foods cleanse out the colon and thus reduce the chances of your dog catching colitis, and in addition, the Health Extension dog food also improves the bones by making them stronger and also ensures better joint health.

Health Extension dog food also helps the dog improve its hearing and also helps better its eyesight and it even helps in keeping the liver as well as kidney in good health. These foods also help in improving the dogs digestive functioning and so dogs can utilize the food much better which will result in better stamina, increased energy as well as longer life expectancy while at the same time reduces the volume of stool passed.

Well the volume of stool won me over. I went back to the pet store and bought a bag. Go to for product information on the Vets’ Choice Holistic Health Extension.

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