Product Review: Nature’s Variety – Instinct Chicken Meal Formula for Dogs

Pet Product Review – Nature’s Variety – Instinct Chicken Meal Formula for Dogs

As you may know, I have a panel of product testers who sample products on rotation. This is especially important for dogs because not only do they like consistency, its necessary for their digestion. It also helps us examine the affects of the product. A few months ago, we placed Riley on Nature’s Variety Instinct brand Chicken Meal Formula. We did this mostly because Riley was getting a bit chubby, and the Instinct brand is very high in protein, 90% in fact. It’s also grain and gluten free, and comprised of freez dried raw bio-coatings.


Well, all I can say, is that Riley liked the high protein diet, by the way he gobbles down the kibble, it sure is tasty. I can also say, he has lost some weight, not a lot, and he does seem very healthy with a good coat for the winter. Nature’s Variety is a very specialized pet nutrition company, so I do recommend you check out their website. On the site I suggest you look for the pet food product that best fits your dog or cat’s lifestyle and health conditions. There is a feeding guide that helps you regulate exactly the amount of food your pet should be given.

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