Product Review: Critter Carols E-Greeting Cards

Pet Product Review – Critter Carols e-greeting cards by Purina Petcentric

As you all may know, the holidays are so important to me. I love holidays and the best part is that it gives me the opportunity to touch base with everyone I know. Well, this morning I received an online e-greeting card from a friend that featured one of our panelist ChiChi the French Bull Dog. I laughed so hard. What a clever idea and the people at Purina Pet Centric have made it so easy for us.


You too can creat personalized pet greeting cards by going to the Petcentric site and select whether your card is from a dog or a cat, and then up load their picture. Once the picture is in the frame, there are easy points that you click and drag to make the photo fit exactly to the card. Next, select the holiday attire, and the song. Your pet can send his cards to hundreds of other kitties and puppies with just one click.

Click here to be taken directly to the card generator. Enjoy! and have fun.

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