Product Review: Dogswell Happy Hips Chicken & Apple dog treats

Pet Product Review – Happy Hips Chicken & Apple dog treats by Dogswell

Recently I received a bunch of samples from the Dogswell Company. Perhaps the most interesting treat in this selection was the Happy Hips Chicken & Apple dog treats. I have to tell you this is unlike any dog treat I’ve ever seen.

happy hips

The treats look like a holiday hors-d’oeuvre, a large chunk of moderately dehydrated apple wrapped with a slice of apple bacon. Totally wierd looking, but I knew that The Dogswell Company only uses the very best quality products and it must be good for my dog.

So I gave the sample to Champ. Well, he tried it with hesitation. He took a nibble, dropped the treat, walked around the treat, took another nibble, then gobbled it down. Then, came running to me begging for more. Who knew? Dogs like apples. And Champ certainly liked this treat.

It is a luxury treat at $8 for a 5oz bag, but certainly a good stocking stuffer for the pup whose been good all year. Try it.

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