Product Review: Meadowlands Horse and Pet Expo 2008

Pet Product Review – Meadowlands Horse and Pet Expo

As you may know, every weekend Champ my Sheltie and I escape to the country for a weekend drive. This week New Jersey to attend the the annual Meadowlands Horse and Pet Expo.

What a pleasantly fun day! Our friend and Daddy of two kitties Patty joined us. Champ was very excited to attend this event as its an expo that allows both children and well behaved pets to attend; and this was a well attended event.

The Meadowlands pet Expo has something for every animal lover and pet enthusiast. At the show there were many educational and entertaining performances, special attractions, a petting zoo, pedigree dog shows, on-site pet adoptions and of course shopping!

I couldn’t believe that they had in the expo building 2 full grown elephants and offered rides. My personal favorite was the wolf den. A cage where you can actually go in and pet and hug real life big, gorgeous wolves. Of course Champ was scared of the big not-bad wolves and wouldn’t let me go in. My next favorite was the albino all white alligator. There are only 30 known albino alligators in the world and the Pet Expo in New Jersey had one of them. Patty couldn’t stop watching the frisbee tossing contests.

albino alligator

There were many breeds of dogs on location for the dog show. We happened to be there right when the Siberian Huskies, Neapolitan Mastiff, Shih Tzu and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels were being showcased. How interesting these shows are.

As for exhibitors, there were many local pet stores on hand and a few rescue organizations. I was dissapointed that not many national pet product companies exhibited, but those that did stood out. Fresh Pet, Nature’s Variety, PatriaPet, Dogswell, and American BioSciences had wonderful representation. A pet Supply Stor called Care-A-Lot was at the show and had some of the best prices I’ve ever seen for very good quality pet products. Go to their website for their eStore and catalog.

The next show will be in Reading, PA on March 20-22, 2009. Only thing is do check the schedule at because due to the popularity of this event, there are special hours when pets are allowed. And take it from Champ, the noise level was very high, and at times both the noise and the crowds scared Champ a little. But do bring your pet, because there is a pet photo contest.

If you’ve got a pet product you think will pass the Secret Shopper test, send an email to [email protected].