Product Review: Land Of Paws

Pet Product Review – Land Of Paws, a pet retail store in Kansas City, MO

As you may know, when I travel I am always on the alert for pet stores and events that are different. While in Kansas City, this week, I came across a gem called Land Of Paws.

Land of Paws has 3 locations in the Kansas City, MO area. The stores are large and well stocked with upscale goodies, clothing, treats and accessories of all kinds. What I liked was that the atmosphere was more of an upscale peoples store, and not just a pet store. All items from the most luxurious fur covered doggie beds to the simplest biscuits were displayed carefully with style and care.

What really caught my attention were the Halloween outfits. I love Halloween, and I love to dress up my pets for this wonderful holiday. Land of Paws was chocked full of the cutest pet costumes in all sizes, from xxs to xxl. All of the costumes were carefully designed just for pets in mind with velcro catches and embellishments that will not fall off or be choked on.

My favorite was a little Devil’s outfit and reasonably priced at $35. The little bee below was also cute.

If you’re in Kansas City, I suggest you stop by, and most definitely partake in their Halloween Monster Mash party on October 25th. If you’re located anywhere else, go to their website and check out the costumes on their eStore. Be sure to include the Halloween promo code BOO for a free Halloween treat bag.

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