Product Review: Frontline Top Spot For Dogs

Pet Product Review – Frontline Top Spot for Dogs

Connecticut may be the original home of Lyme disease, but it’s the woods of northwest New Jersey, where I grew up, where Lyme disease reigns. Just about everyone I know, including their pets in this region have contracted this terrible debilitating disease. So for us out east, Flea and Tick prevention is paramount.

Frontline Top Spot for Dogs should be on your list every spring. This product works, and works well for weeks at a time.

The active ingredient is Fipronil (9.7%) which adheres to the follicles of the skin and hair and continues to work for up to one month. This may be the reason my dog’s hair is a bit courser around the area of application.

Now Flea and Tick control is serious business and may affect each dog breed differently, so I highly recommend you discuss with your vet. Frontline worked really well for me, haven’t come across a flea or a tick yet this summer, and very best of all he tested negative for Lyme disease. Again, consult with your vet for the very best medicine.

frontline top spot

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