Product Review: Companion Road Dog Bed With Faux Fleece

Pet Product Review: Companion Road Dog Bed with faux Fleece. 24″x 30″

Chi Chi loves her bed, she loves that bed! Its crazy, Chi Chi loves her Companion Road bed so much that I’ve called it her docking station. No matter who is in the room, or what activities ensue, Chi Chi takes notice, but then heads back to her bed where she can politely engage in the activities in safe comfort and then take a nap, or nibble on her biscuits when show has shopped.

Chi Chi needs her Companion Road docking stations in all areas of the house, living room, upstairs and den. The beds are super comfortable for her body, and well constructed with materials that helped mitigate bad odors and stains. All the beds are fully washable. And the prices very reasonable, thus allowing you to order more than one.