Cat breeds: Largest, smallest, and most dog like

Compiling a list of superlatives is always fascinating. Keeping with that spirit, here’s a list of the largest, smallest, longest-living, and fastest cat breeds.

Largest cat breed

By common consensus among cat experts, the Maine Coon is usually considered the largest cat breed. Males can weigh up to 24 pounds. The Maine Coon is a very old breed whose origins are shrouded in mystery. According to some, the breed came into existence when domestic cats mated with bobcats. This theory is supported by the fact that the Maine Coon has distinct tufts on the ears not unlike bobcats. The breed is a solid muscular one and reaches full maturity in around three to four years.

Smallest cat breed

The Singapura is officially recognized as the smallest cat breed in the world. The breed is not a very old one having been in existence for some 30 odd years. Females can weigh as low as 4 pounds and males can reach 6-8 pounds. A Singapura is characterized by her silky sepia coat, large eyes usually amber or green in color, a slim muscular body, a cute little nose, and large ears. These cats possess an alert and playful disposition.

Fastest cat breed

The Egyptian Mau is a unique breed in many ways. She is considered one of the progenitor breeds for our domestic cats. She is an intelligent and sensitive breed possessing a very musical voice. Perhaps her biggest claim to fame is she’s the fastest of all cat breeds. She has been clocked running at approximately 30 mph (48 km/hr).

Longest living cat breed

The Siamese is amongst the longest-lived cat breeds. These cats originated in Siam — the Thailand of today. They have been around in the U.S since the 19th century. These cats are extremely social, having dog-like traits in being warm and faithful. A Siamese lives for up to 20 years and can even go beyond two decades.

Dog-like cat breed

Abyssinians are a very social cat breed; in fact these cats are often called the Border Collies of the cat world. The Abyssinian cat breed is an old one and it probably originated in Southeast Asia. The cats are loyal, people-friendly, energetic, and smart. These cats are adept at learning tricks and will sometimes play “fetch” with their owners.