Nulo: new pet food on the market

Nutritious and delicious: that’s the market Nulo–new dog and cat food maker on the block–is hoping to corner.

The pet foodies behind Nulo (that’s one part nutrition, one part love) promise high quality ingredients, healthy amounts of antioxidents and probiotics, and arguably best of all, smaller stool deposits.

If that doesn’t make your mouth water, perhaps this will: “All of Nulo’s animal protein sources are 100% quality cuts, free from added growth hormones or steroids and lacking animal byproduct fillers.”

Whether or not you’re considering a new brand of pet food, the Nulo website is worth exploring. In addition to helpful, easy-to-understand nutritional information, the site also provides articles on fitness and exercise, and it offers tools for helping you manage your pet’s weight.

The price points put Nulo products squarely in the premium section of the Internet pet supply aisle (it’s available only online). But if their food is as tasty and good for your dog and cat as they claim, the stuff is actually a bargain.