New comScore Category Ranks Sites that Serve the Pet Industry

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – (April 27, 2010)–DogTime Media, the largest vertical media community focused exclusively on pet owners, today announced that its audience has grown to an industry leading 29,475,000 unique visitors a month, as reported by comScore Media Metrix1.

ComScore recently establish a “Pets” category within its Community section of web sites to accurately reflect the ranking of online properties in the pet space. DogTime Media has led the category since its inception.

“We’re delivering a combination of data-driven audience and performance targeting, content syndication, and uniquely powerful cause-driven social media programs across the largest audience in the pets category,” said Simon Tonner, VP Sales and Marketing for DogTime Media. “This combination has delivered outstanding ROI in both reach and engagement for a record number of advertisers this past quarter.”

DogTime Media served over 1 billion targeted ad impressions in 2009 and more than 2 million video plays a month. DogTime Media provides a suite of targeting and engagement programs, including contextual, behavioral, demographic, geographic, retargeting, social media and cause related programs that reach and engage an audience of affluent and educated women aged 25-54.

DogTime Media’s popular Facebook applications, Save a Dog and Save a Cat, are ranked #1 and #2 cause-based apps for user engagement (DAU/MAU) within the Friends and Family category2, and are now accessible via the iPad.

The March comScore report also showed, the hub site of DogTime Media, as reaching 423,000 unique visitors per month1, making it one of the fastest growing pet focused sites in the Pets category.


1) comScore Media Metrix, 3/10

2) American Pet Products Association, 2009/2010 National Pet Owners Survey

3) Inside Facebook, 4/10

About DogTime Media:

DogTime Media is the largest vertical media community focused exclusively on pet owners and the 45.4 billion dollar annual pet market. DogTime Media reaches 29.5 million monthly users via its community of 500 leading pet-focused websites, 460 pet bloggers and more than 2,500 rescue groups, anchored by its own, the premier destination for dog owners.

DogTime Media actively supports the efforts of rescue groups and shelters nationwide to significantly reduce the number of homeless and neglected pets in the country by providing authoritative advice to both novice and experienced pet guardians. DogTime Media has donated over $60,000 to pet related caused via it’s Save a Dog and Save a Cat Facebook applications, monthly grants and a variety of other programs. Privately held DogTime Media and are based in San Francisco, Calif.