Carrie Underwood and Pedigree team up on behalf of shelter animals

Country music superstar Carrie Underwood elicits applause wherever she goes. And the millions of homeless animals in this country could really use a hand. That’s why Underwood has teamed up with the Pedigree Adoption Drive: to help dogs in need through a variety of efforts that help generate awareness, food and funding.

This is the sixth annual Pedigree Adoption Drive, the brand with a reputation for caring as much about animals as it does about selling dog food. And this year, they’ve set up a Facebook page to help generate awareness for the drive. It works like this: For every new fan of the Pedigree Adoption Drive on Facebook, Pedigree Brand will donate a bowl of food to shelter dogs around the country. [link to FB page]

Fans can even go a step further by donating money, searching for adoptable dogs, or getting information about volunteering at a local shelter while on the page. Plus, they can view a personal message from Underwood herself.

The decision to partner with the singer was a natural. She’s spent her entire life around animals, growing up on a farm in Oklahoma before landing in the musical spotlight. Since her American Idol victory in 2005, she’s used her fame to promote spay/neuter, adoption, and responsible pet ownership.

“I can’t imagine life without my dog, Ace,” the singer said. “I’ve had a passion for animals my entire life. They’re such sweet and gentle souls that love you just because you love them back.”

The best part about the Pedigree Adoption Drive is that they do all the work. There’s no commitment, financial or otherwise, required by anyone who visits the Facebook page. All you do is “click” to become a fan — truly, a single individual can help make a difference.

Underwood added, “That’s why I’m really excited about the opportunity to partner with The Pedigree Adoption Drive to help get other people involved in this important cause. Showing your support is easy, just become a fan, help a dog.”