PetChat Q&A: Pet psychic Christine Agro helps humans and canines connect

Moderator: HOSTED EVENT ALERT: Welcome to this Wednesday’s PetChat hosted event with Christine Agro a pet psychic. Christine will answer your questions about your pet and his/her future. Welcome Christine!

ChristineAgro: Let’s get started…

Lolkol: My cat likes to bite his blanket. Is that okay?

ChristineAgro: That’s a natural thing for cats, especially if it’s a fluffy blanket

ChristineAgro: It’s like taking care of another cat

Lolkol: It’s a blue blanket. Not fluffy.

ChristineAgro: Color won’t make a difference – it’s the texture

Lolkol: ok

Valentine: Hi Christine, I’d like to ask a question

ChristineAgro: ok

Valentine: My dog Jedi, he’s been moping around for a while now. His appetite seems to have decreased, and I spend as much time as possible… is there a way you can figure out what’s troubling him?

ChristineAgro: Has someone gone from his life? Or your life?

Valentine: I don’t think so… everything is fairly routine for him

Valentine: Out of my life, yes, I recently broke up with my girlfriend…but my dog rarely saw her

ChristineAgro: Doesn’t matter, our dogs are connected to us and what we experience, they experience

ChristineAgro: Jedi has the ability to absorb energy, as do you and I see the energy being more connected to her than to you

ChristineAgro: Get Jedi out in the air, getting some exercise to help move the energy

Valentine: ah… I see. Does that mean he senses my feelings? Or perhaps knows that there is something missing?

ChristineAgro: I also see some energy along the back hips creating some physical discomfort. Not pain, but discomfort.

ChristineAgro: Yes that means he does pick up on your feelings

Valentine: I see… and his appetite?

ChristineAgro: Val…both the depression energy of loss and the physical discomfort are adding to his lack of desire to eat. If you haven’t had him checked out, that would be a good place to start to make sure there isn’t anything physically going on. If it is an arthritic condition.

Valentine: I see… ok, thank you so much Christine. I have lots more questions but will wait until everyone else had a turn

Valentine: Thank you, I’ll make sure to go to the vet

ChristineAgro: There is a great homeopathic remedy called Rheumatic Pain from Netwon Labs that works really well

itsmeKimberlee: Hi Christine, I would appreciate ANYTHING you could tell me about my dog or our future together

ChristineAgro: Hi Itsme…I need more info than that- this is a quick read space. I just need a little more info – male/female – name of your dog

itsmeKimberlee: Hercules 2 yrs old 117lbs Great Dane mix

ChristineAgro: Lovely

ChristineAgro: I don’t do future telling so to speak so let me tell you what I see in general

itsmeKimberlee: He was stolen from my front yard 3/2/08

ChristineAgro: Hercules has some nervous energy. He likes to please, but is also a bit dominant. It’s important to be clear with him

ChristineAgro: Ok…so you are asking where he is and if he will come back?

itsmeKimberlee: If he is ok is the most important thing

ChristineAgro: I’m sorry that he is gone. He is ‘ok’ so to speak. But he is very disconnected and doesn’t understand why he isn’t with you

ChristineAgro: The person/people who took them know your neighborhood, but aren’t near by.

ChristineAgro: I don’t get that they mean harm, but I also don’t see them keeping him. My sense is that it’s a money thing for them

itsmeKimberlee: He is neutered so can’t breed him

ChristineAgro: It’s not about breeding – is he micro chipped?

itsmeKimberlee: No I was scared of cancer or medical problems from chip

ChristineAgro: If you haven’t, get a listing of vets within 25 miles of you and send them a photo of him

itsmeKimberlee: Thank you so much. God Bless

shinySC: Hi Christine. So I have a general question

ChristineAgro: Hi shiny – go ahead

shinySC: How does a pet psychic work? It’s general, as in, do you talk directly to animals?

ChristineAgro: Lol…well I’m a clairvoyant – not to mince words…but as a clairvoyant I see energy

ChristineAgro: I work with people and animals and information comes to me like a movie

shinySC: Ahh, how do you channel each pet’s energy to hone in on specific pets?

shinySC: Movie?

ChristineAgro: When I do readings I put the energy of the animal up in my reading space and I can look at everything from the physical body to the emotional to the mental to the Spiritual. I can also do communication work is actually communicating Spirit to Spirit

shinySC: I see… can it work the other way? Where you can super-impose your energy to tell a pet something?

ChristineAgro: Shiny – yes it’s like seeing a movie.

ChristineAgro: Well I don’t super-impose my energy – that would be intrusive but I do show them a movie back to help them understand things – it’s really the way animals communicate

Crazymonkey: Whenever you’re ready, can you do a reading on my little one?

ChristinaAgro: Go ahead

Crazymonkey: I have a 4.5 year old Yorkie named Chanel. She just got done with her teeth surgery where a lot of her teeth were extracted. Can you see if she’s happy and ok without her teeth? Anything you can read on her will be great

ChristineAgro: She looks ok without her teeth. It’s a little odd for her right now – feeling wise.

ChristineAgro: Is she eating ok? It still looks a little uncomfortable, but my sense is she will get used it in time

Crazymonkey: She’s eating better haha

ChristineAgro: Is she eating dry or soft food?

Crazymonkey: More soft food. She’s never been really good at chewing on bones, or hard food that’s big

ChristineAgro: That’s good she will get used to it in time – talk to her and let her know why she had her teeth out. That will help her a lot.

Crazymonkey: Thanks Christine

LeslieSmith: Christine, I can’t hold back any longer. Can you tell me what you see with regards to Uno, my male dobie/pointer mix? And communicate to him how fully I love him?

ChristineAgro: Hi Leslie – with regard to anything specific?

LeslieSmith: Just how he’s feeling, whether he’s happy or if there’s anything he needs/wants.

ChristineAgro: Leslie – he has lovey dog eyes when he looks at you.

LeslieSmith: He does?!?

ChristineAgro: He seems goofy at times, a little unsure of himself at times and really looks to …a male I see in your life – husband, boyfriend for direction

LeslieSmith: That would make sense. He’s extremely attached to my husband too.

ChristineAgro: Leslie – his diet looks like it needs help.

LeslieSmith: Really? In what way?

ChristineAgro: What is the protein source?

LeslieSmith: Funny, we just switched yesterday from a pet store brand to a special protein-fortified brand

ChristineAgro: Is it wet or dry? And is it beef? Chicken?

LeslieSmith: I can’t remember the name. So you think he needs more protein? It’s dry.

ChristineAgro: It’s not more – it’s the source of it

LeslieSmith: What do you recommend for him?

ChristineAgro: I would add in or switch to a wet food or a wet food with dry food topper. Or add in cooked meat. He looks like he needs red meats. So beef, venision, etc.

LeslieSmith: Terrific. Will do, thanks so much.

ChristineAgro: It will help him greatly and he definitely knows how much you love him. He says you smell good…lol

LeslieSmith: I love that baby! Thank you, Christine!

todddog1: Can I please learn more about the Rainbow Bridge? What is it? Where is it?

ChristineAgro: Toddog1 – the rainbow bridge is something than some communicators and psychics believe in.

ChristineAgro: They see it as a place where animals wait after they die for their people to come join them

todddog1: Aww.. that’s really sweet

ChristineAgro: I don’t see this. We are all Spirit and in Spirit we can be anywhere and everywhere. A dogs Spirit is just as evolved as ours if not more so and where an aspect may wait for us, they continue to evolve just as we do

todddog1: Do they join us in our next lives?

ChristineAgro: Todd – sometimes – but often they continue to help humans with the same lessons over and over and as it is our hope that we learn what we came to learn in a life time – the often do not come back to the same person

coop14: I have a question when you have a chance Christine

Moderator: COOP: go ahead with your Q please

coop14: Thanks…Christine can you communicate with dogs that have passed on?

ChristineAgro: Yes I can. If you are ready to connect with them

ChristineAgro: What would you like to know – please give me a name too

coop14: Great! I wanted to know if you can tell me if my shih tzu that died when I was in 6th grade is doing okay. His name is P.J. I am ready!

ChristineAgro: lol…it’s actually not up to your mental body to decide that…it is ready on a Spiritual level but…yes I see you are ready…give me a second here.

ChristineAgro: When did he die?

coop14: Over 10 years ago. Early 90s. He was young

ChristineAgro: PJ is definitely OK. I actually get that PJ is onto a second lifetime – it looks like he had a quick one in the late 90s and is back again as a puppy.

coop14: Oh really?!

ChristineAgro: Interesting – he has done this many times – coming in and leaving early

coop14: Is he still a shih tzu?

ChristineAgro: No but still a small dog.

coop14: He was kinda my dog – does he miss me? He was a family dog, but stuck by me most of the time

ChristineAgro: At the Spirit level the notion of missing doesn’t exist.

coop14: I see, does he remember his life with my family?

ChristineAgro: Missing is a physical world experience. When we return to Spirit we have a greater picture of…well..everything

coop14: I see…well I’m glad to know he’s okay although it is a little bothersome that he comes and goes

ChristineAgro: When I connect to him he is very present, but he also has the need and desire to focus on this lifetime.

ChristineAgro: He’s funny at the Spirit level – he has a commitment issue. Being in a body seems like a great thing, then he decides not, and then again

coop14: I see

ChristineAgro: He has a lot of perfection energy about getting the right body…I’ll have a little chat with him about that

coop14: Hehehe…thanks for your help. I hope to see him again someday

ChristineAgro: You’re welcome. Let’s hope he’s an old boy by then lol

Ravana: What was my dog’s first home like?

ChristineAgro: Hi Ravan – what’s your dog’s name and how long has he/she been with you?

Ravana: Merlin. 8 years

ChristineAgro: And type of dog? Just helping me zone in…

Ravana: Mutt. I got him when he was 5 mos old

ChristineAgro: Lots of dogs in this chat room 🙂

ChristineAgro: I see a lot of movement around him prior to being with you – the picture he shows me is being under foot and a sense of being ‘kicked’ around

Ravana: That would make sense

ChristineAgro: I don’t get that he was actually kicked but it felt like he was just always getting moved out of the way

Ravana: That’s good

ChristineAgro: He didn’t get a lot of direction and I get that from his perspective he was yelled at a lot

ChristineAgro: He is emotionally sensitive and hurts easily.

Ravana: True

ChristineAgro: He doesn’t always understand what is being asked of him.

Ravana: Very true

ChristineAgro: You can use psychic pictures to help connect and communicate with him..he will love it

Ravana: How?

ChristineAgro: Picture him in your minds eye and then turn that space into a projection of what you want to show him or you would like him to do. I do this with my cat – I show him a picture of sleeping at the foot of the bed when I don’t want him on my head and it works great

Ravana: I will try it.

LeslieSmith: That will work with other dogs too, Christine?

Ravana: Is he autistic?

ChristineAgro: No I don’t see autism, I wouldn’t even say ADD – he is overly sensitive though.

ChristineAgro: This has an impact on his bowel – lots of emotional energy causing tummy problems

ChristineAgro: Yes Leslie – it works with all animals – babies too

LeslieSmith: Great, thank you.

Ravana: You hit that on the head. We had a year of stomach problems. Thanks!

ChristineAgro: You can work with flower essences to help calm and support him. Rock Rose and Mimulus would be very helpful. Bach Flower Essences can be found at the health food store.

Ravana: Thanks

ChristineAgro: Give him 5 drops of each 3 x a day orally

coop14: I have another question…

ChristineAgro: Ok coop

coop14: My dog Cooper hates when my husband and I leave to run errands on the weekends, he actually makes a really loud whining noise when we leave, but he’s okay when we leave for work in the mornings

ChristineAgro: It’s his weekend too…lol…he’s supposed to go with you!

coop14: Why is he okay with one, but not the other?

ChristineAgro: He knows the schedule

coop14: That’s what I kinda thought

ChristineAgro: Start explaining things to him. If he gets to go out later – let him know he can go when you get home

ChristineAgro: Also I don’t get that you and your husband leave at the same time during the week?

coop14: I just don’t want him to be unhappy when we leave

coop14: No, he leaves earlier than I do

ChristineAgro: So that’s how he knows it’s the weekend. He also understands the difference between work energy and weekend energy

ChristineAgro: He’s very smart and in tune!

ChristineAgro: Explain it to him – and be sure there is time for him and bring him with when you can

coop14: He is a pretty smart dog

coop14: We do, but I will try and talk to him more when we have to leave on the weekends and he can’t go

ChristineAgro: Maybe give him a job to do while he waits for you – could be a toy that he has to get food out of – just make sure it’s something he can do or he’ll go crazy

coop14: I will have to try that, thanks!

ChristineAgro: Very welcome

todddog1: Christine, my cat my dog, all they do is sleep all day long, seriously, I think they might be depressed. Although I do work from home, so they are lucky to be near me, but I feel they resent me for not being available for play.

ChristineAgro: I don’t see depression – maybe a little boredom especially with your cat – but most cats unless they are kittens sleep the majority of their day.

ChristineAgro: I don’t see resentment either – start to talk to them – let them know when the work day starts and when it will end – and be sure to take some breaks

todddog1: Cool… I am kind of boring

ChristineAgro: That will be good for you too.

ChristineAgro: lol…

todddog1: Thanks!

LeslieSmith: Since we’re close to wrapping up, Christine, please let people know how they can get in touch with you should they have more questions

ChristineAgro: Leslie this has been so great. I have to get going though.

todddog1: It has been thanks Leslie!

LeslieSmith: Thanks, so much for being here. A pleasure for us.

ChristineAgro: I’d love to do it again!

LeslieSmith: We’d love to have you. Thanks so much again. And thanks to all our participants!

ChristineAgro: Bye everyone – take care!

coop14: You too, thanks!

Valentine: Thank you Christine, that was so great!

Crazymonkey: Thanks you Christine

todddog1: ChristineAgro, do you have a book or a show we can read?

ChristineAgro: Tell the universe to find a publisher for Conscious Dog and then the answer is yes! I also have conscious animal radio.

Moderator: Thank you for participating in our hosted event with pet psychic Christine Agro. If you’d like a copy of the chat dialog, please visit